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Download F1 2014 Game

F1 2014 PC Full

F1 is a racing car and it is the highest in speed because of its no size and less weight. This phrase stands for Formula 1 and now I think it is clear in your mind about this phrase. Therefore use your mind also to utilize memory about this car. They have also now published a game on this topic and this is pretty cool. Now we can not only see formula car racing in front of our eyes on televisions and PC. But we can also control them in our hands as a cartoon, don’t ever think that you are controlling this car in real term. But set a dream on it and make your motive to compete with these racers. For sure the release date is 2014 because this is written in the title and anything else in these points?

If so than keep on reading it till a limit and once done than try to understand difference. We have had to compensate with other racers that land on that racing land in which our car survives. There we have to become a gold medalist and raise our self above the competition. Well in the beginning we have a slow car but when we learn some skills about controlling and driving we cannot be easily beaten. One tournament comes we have to win 8 races at one time and this is very encouraging.
System Requirements
Operating System (OS) = Windows XP, Windows 7+8 and Windows Vista 32 and 64 Bit
Ram (Random Access Memory) = 512 MB
Total Disk Memory Required =  7.5 GB
Video Memory (VGA Card) = 128 MB


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