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Download Delta Force 2 Game For PC Full Version

Delta Force 2 Download Free

Delta Force 2 is a tactical shooting game released for PC and Microsoft Windows. This is the second installment in Delta Force series and I haven’t uploaded the first installment of this game, but will upload it soon. I know you need to know how to download delta force 2 game for PC and I am sure you are in hurry, but first we will see some screenshots related to this installment.

Delta Force 2 PC Game Screenshots

Delta Force 2 Highly Compressed Download

You can see how our player is shooting enemies. In this version, the objective is given by the commander of a battlefield, like in this mission, the objective of our player is to kill enemies and reach the train side. As you can see, he is killing enemies and struggling to reach the train yard and complete objective.

Delta Force 2 Full Version Download

In this screenshot you can see, this is the beginning of a mission and objective is written in front of your screen. The objective is: “Secure The Uranium Point”. So, our player is using his pistol to shoot enemies and secure the uranium point.

Delta Force 2 Game Download

This mission is very difficult to complete because in this mission we have to kill all enemies who are standing in front of us, the difficult part in this mission is that we have to find enemies and then kill them and this takes some time.

How To Install Delta Force 2 Game For PC?

Installation method is a little bit difficult so you need to concentrate on what I will say.

  1. Download complete game (direct link is included)
  2. After downloading the game, open Daemon Tools and Mount Image The CD
  3. When you will mount image the CD, the setup will be launched
  4. Run setup and install completely
  5. After installation open CD folder and open Crack folder
  6. Copy all content from crack folder
  7. Paste it in the installed directory
  8. Play and enjoy 🙂

This is the way of installing this version and I think this is very easy. So, install this story as said and no one can stop you playing it. Just read these instructions and you need to implement all these instructions that I’ve taught. In this case you will be able to play and enjoy this version.

System Requirements

Operating System (OS) = Windows XP, Windows 7+8 and Windows Vista 32 and 64 Bit
Ram (Random Access Memory) = 512 MB
Total Disk Space Required = 2 GB
Video Memory (VGA Card) = 32 MB

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