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Download WWE Smackdown Here Comes The Pain Game

Smackdown Here Comes The Pain Roster

Alright lets do this Today hope this visit of page needs to know how to download smackdown here comes the pain PC than you have just came to right place. This game was dedicated to a very best powerful and brave wrestler named as Brock Lesnar. You have seen in title written “Here Comes The Pain” these are those characters which appeared when Brock was on entry. Not just Brock there are also many other top rated wrestlers surviving in this part of PC installment. I will also describe roster players which are about 30 to 35 and awesome fighting styles of them. There are not just one cages to fight with but several other dungeons in which characters fight with each other and gain more power. Whenever another player is harmed by being bitten his body design becomes yellow, blue and red. Check here Download WWE Smackdown VS Raw 2010 Game

Smackdown Here Comes The Pain Game Download Signals

Now when round starts audience is shouting just like in a real WWE wrestling. Same features happening in fight cage and characters beating to each other is also an amazing scene and charming while playing. After round starts required players beat each other and player who has beaten much can win. Because first of all when some damage occurs opponent screen body color turns yellow and gaining new damage color turns orange. When he is harmed ultimately than color turns red which is very dangerous and a stage comes when he loses. Okay this was a little bit introduction now hope are you ready for download?
System Requirements
Operating System (OS) = Windows XP, Windows 7+8 and Windows Vista 32 and 64 Bit
Ram (Random Access Memory) = 256 MB 512 MB Recommended
Total Disk Memory Required = 1.5 GB
Video Memory (VGA Card) = 64 MB

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  1. can i download the game without the graphic card

  2. Yes friend you can download the game easily without graphics card. But you must have a good graphics card to play it fast on your PC and thanks for commenting. I love to help my fellow gamers 🙂

  3. i download all to install …say steps one by one

  4. Yes friend have you watched the video? In that video I have given a complete and detailed guide on installing this game.
    Watch that video, install that game step by step as explained in the video.
    Play and enjoy.
    If any problem in installing, tell me the step where you are stuck, then I will solve your problem easily.

  5. after emulation..i dnt know how to go next step

  6. Dude this is the method of installation.
    1. Download three parts of this game
    2. Download PCSX 2 Emulator (Play Station 2 Emulator)
    3. Now extract part 1 of game and you will receive a file "Smackdown Here Comes The Pain.ISO"
    4. Extract emulator and install PCSX 2 Emulator
    5. Open BIOS folder and copy BIOS
    6. Paste Bios folder content in "My Documents/PCSX 2/ Bios"
    7. Run PCSX 2 Emulator and click on the game
    8. Choose "Europe" Bios and run the game
    9. Play and enjoy

    This is the installation method and I've explained it briefly.
    If you feel any problem, then give me your Skype or Facebook ID, I will teach you there by sharing screen. Thanks.

  7. its working bro..very thanks

  8. Well good to listen 🙂 thanks for downloading data from my website. Let me know if you have any question. I will love to help you in comments section, Thanks.

  9. my mouse and keyboard not support this game what should i do?…can i use gamepad for this?

  10. You can use game pads, but friend this game works on keyboard, have you set those control buttons that are shown in "Pads" section. Just reach the "Pads" section and set those buttons. Play and enjoy.

  11. i am using laptop…..mouse and board not working…i have game pad…how to play using game pad to my laptop..plz help me…

  12. Have you set the control buttons of your game pad?

  13. how to set this option

  14. Dude pls help me!! am getting only one file!! am so desperate to play this game!!

  15. Friend tell me which link is dead? There are total 4 links of this game, three are the parts of game file and 1 is emulator link, check it again. The links are 100% working.

  16. Brother wait, I am creating another video tutorial on how to set control buttons on PCSX 2, please be patient. Then you will get your answer.

  17. I want to download smakdawn pain
    But how

  18. my Facebook I’d swayam kanojiya

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