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Download Ride 2015 Game For PC Full Version

Ride PC Game Download

Ride 2015 is a new bike game released in 2015 for PC, Play Station 3, Play Station 4, XBOX 360 and XBOX One. This is the game that is released for many platforms, in this article I will give you in PC version. It is awesome game that is better than other biking installments that I have published on my website before. The developer of this version were milestone S.R. I and publishers were also Milestone Studios. They published this game in 2015, in Europe, it was released on 27th March 2015 and on May 29th, 2015 it was released in North America for XBOX and Play Station consoles.

Ride Game Download For PC

Before moving on ride game download milestone, I will first show you some screenshots, these are awesome screenshots with high definition graphics. These are graphics that are present inside the game journey.

Ride PC Download Free

You can see how good the bike looks like, the design is stunning and people like this type of style very much. This is the front foot camera view, but there are three type of camera views, I will show you others in the upcoming pictures.

You can see the camera view, this is the left side camera and with this camera view, ride game milestone is difficult to reach because you cannot see clearly on front from where the bike has to take left and right.

Ride Milestone Mode

This is the best mode that I like, it is a two player run and the second bike is our opponent’s bike. Really it is not easy to win from opponent because he is owning some good skills. The bike of our opponent is very dangerous and customized customization is also available in this version.

Bike Customization

This is a best feature that I like in this story, we can also customize our bike of any type we want. All things can be happened if you have some good money, money can also be earned in this story by winning races, this is the reason you can win race first, once done then try to customize your bike so that you can make it to withstand in long racing runs.

How To Install?

Installing this installment is really easy, just you need to concentrate on what I say. Keep these points in mind while installing this version.

  1. Open Daemon Tools and then Mount Image the CD
  2. Launch setup and then install it completely
  3. After installation open CD folder
  4. Open Crack Folder
  5. Copy all files from Crack directory
  6. Paste it in the installed folder of game
  7. Play and enjoy

This is the way you can install it. I think it is not difficult, just you need to read this article completely and then you will get an idea of installing this version. A video is also available on the next page that will teach the installation method.

System Requirements

Operating System (OS) = Windows XP (SP 3), Windows 7+8 and Windows Vista 32 and 64 Bit
Ram (Random Access Memory) = 3 GB, 4 GB Recommended
Video Memory (VGA Card) = 512 MB, 1 GB Recommended
Total Disk Space Required = 31 GB

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