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Download Dyna Blaster Game For PC Full Version

Download Dyna Blaster Game For PC

Dyna Blaster

Dyna Blaster is a small bombing game released in 1992 for PC and Microsoft Windows. This is a small installment but, don’t take it small because this is one of the best installment played in my whole life. I accept that this is small but it doesn’t mean that it is not playable. There is a small boy lurking here and there, fitting a bomb near the wall, when bomb explodes, the wall is cracked and the way opens. In this way, we have to beat enemies and when all enemies are dead, stage is cleared. At the end of stage, there comes an award that looks just like this. Here is 100% working link for Dyna Blaster Game Download For you. Check here Download Bike Rush Game For PC Free Full Version

Dyna Blaster PC Game Screenshots

Dyna Blaster PC

See a small yellow colored face is present inside that wall. Basically this face increases the range of bomb fire. You can see how long the bomb is exploded and how it is destroying enemies. Basically this is the main screenshot inside game and there can play 4 players in one time. In this picture, 2 players are already playing.

Dyna Blaster Game

Now see, four players are playing and the range of this bomb fire is maximum. How funny this is and on the left top, see a time is also given. In this limited time, you have to kill all enemies and if enemies are not killed in this limited time, than you will lose. Also your chance will lose because time is over.

PC System Requirements

Operating System (OS) = Windows XP Only
Ram (Random Access Memory) = 64 MB
Total Disk Space Required = 5 MB
Video Memory (VGA Card) = 8 MB

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